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Friday, December 14, 2007

First post! Introduction

It is about time I got a library blog. I need some place to record the current happenings.

I think it is a very interesting time to be a librarian. Tech is changing, funding is changing, the world itself is changing. I'm lucky enough to work at a library that is currently changing and transforming.

Our first load of Playaways arrived the other day. They are sitting in the cataloging office next to Great Courses DVDs and the Modern Scholar CDs. We are a small enough community that we do really serve as the place of lifelong learning. The new shelving for all of this, and our DVD collection, will arrive in a matter of weeks. Soon the library will bare little resemblance to how it look just over a year ago when I started. We started out by creating a teen area (which I've been told, by a mom, is "hip") and pulling the entire teen collection away from the picture book area. We are now in the process of creating a Computer zone (hopefully with coffee), a Marketplace (which will hold the DVDs, all formats audiobooks, and the new books), a quiet area.

I myself work with the teens, and am in charge of ordering books, creating and running programs, reader's advisory, and homework help. In a little over an hour a group of teens will be here, after walking from their school, to drink soda and watch Death Note.